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Tailored mindset

Inspired by the integral model Spiral Dynamics by Prof. Claire Graves and Dr. Don Beck, we merged agile management practices with the evolutionary value development model and call this approach "Agile Dynamics".

On request, we can create a detailed personal value profile based on the integral model. Each game session also highlights all of the key focus areas of successful corporate management in the New Work era.

Brand & Rituals

Alignment with the core brand, corporate culture and rituals of appreciation

Innovation & Success

Increasing performance and developing potential, innovation and design thinking

Initiative & Leadership

Leadership at eye level, lived power competence and conflict management

Co-creation & Relationsship

Change intelligence, entrepreneurial participation and transparent communication - detox your business

Values & Meaning

Customer-centered processes, value stream design and evolutionary purpose

Knowledge & Networks

Healthy pragmatism, rhythm, synergy and flow

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